Gold Frenzy

The story of Ireland’s gold rush when thousands converged on the Goldmine River near Avoca in hopes of finding a fortune.

Just before the 1798 Rising a nugget of gold was discovered in County Wicklow sparking off a gold rush. Hundreds of prospectors, traders and onlookers converged on the Goldmine River much the the conternation of the authorities.

Gold was found and the chance discovery of a nugget led to a frenzy that persisted into modern times as people were convinced that the ancient mother lode could be rediscovered. Among those to join in the hunt was Charles Stuart Parnell, and with independence, nationalists believed that Wicklow’s gold could solve Ireland’s economic woes.

Peadar McArdle, ex Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland tells an entertaining and very informative story of how so many prominent people were swept up by the gold fever.

Hardback 112pp — ISBN 0906002087

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Gold Frenzy
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