About us


An on-line bookstore and gallery for content-rich publications. This is a store for books on science, history, archaeology, arts and local studies. With a strong emphasis on books from Irish publishers, this is a store free from the clutter of flash-in-the-pan best-sellers and our stock features titles that have become harder to find in high-street book supermarkets.

The Spinstore is also a gallery offering a range of fine Lambda and Gecleé archival quality prints.

More carefully selected stock of books, DVDs, posters and fine art prints will be added to the selection over time.


The Spinstore was set up to provide a platform for the sort of special interest and good quality publications that are becoming increasingly difficult to find. There are a few reasons why this is the case — reading habits have changed and people have a lot less money to spend. However, distribution through wholesalers is by far the biggest factor in denying many local publishers adequate access to the market.

To put it simply, if a book is not a best-seller, it is not going to get into the larger bookshop chains. Also, if a book is more than a year old, it is usually deleted from stock as 'out-of-date.'

Our belief is that this is not good for publishers or for readers, and out aim with the Spinstore is to provide an alternative to the supermarket approach.